The Writer

Writer character shotAn enthusiastic but easily dispirited aspiring author, the Writer dreams of creating the next bestseller, but will settle for reaching her word count each day—even if it means trying any and every crazy scheme that she or anyone else can come up with.


Bree character shotThe Writer’s older sister, a sensible but feisty young author who’s completed the novel-in-one-month challenge several years in a row. She’s the source of many of the ideas that the Writer uses to boost her word count, all while writing her own November novel for this year—a highly original steampunk prairie historical whodunit romance.

The Warrior Princess

Princess character shotA girl on a mission—sadly, she’s not quite sure what that mission is. She has some idea that it should involve adventure, fighting, and danger, but unfortunately she can’t stand any of those things.

The Long-lost Heir

Heir character shotHe’s the heir of—well, something-or-other. He has vague memories of some kind of abuse during his childhood, and a pretty good idea that he should inherit some kingdom, and he’s certain he was once tortured into eating peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches upside-down, but other than that he’s in the dark.

The Jester

Jester character shotA mysterious and enigmatic character, the Jester accompanies the Heir and the Princess on their quest. He’s clever and dashing and makes wonderful omelets. His only flaw is the fact that he occasionally becomes an evil bad guy who wants to kill everyone.

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