Episode 1: Once Upon a Time

The adventure begins as the Writer gekonnt tries to get her novel off to a good start. (Written by Betsy Clemons.)

Episode 2: The Trap

The fake ray ban sunglasses Writer gets her characters stuck a little too well when they encounter The Inescapable Wall of Doom. (Written by Katie Lynn Daniels.)

Episode 3: Plot Prompts

A jar of story prompts causes confusion for Writer and characters alike. (Written by Rebekah Shafer.)

Episode 4: The Talent Show

The Writer attempts to boost her word count by giving each Cheap nfl jerseys character a new talent. (Written by Sarah Shafer.)

Bonus Episode: The Plot #일상 Dare

On a plot dare to write a family member into her story, the Writer puts hockey jerseys Bree into her novel. (Written by Jordan Smith.)

Episode 5: The Ending

Trying to catch up on the final day, the Writer goes to town with descriptions to round out her word count. (Written by J. Grace Pennington.)

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