The Writer

Writer Season 2An aspiring author with one nearly-complete novel under her belt, the Writer is fully confident that she’s ready for new challenges of every shape and size—whether that’s raising her word count, changing genres, or just adding epic. She’s going to knock the gingersnaps out of this year’s novel.


Bree Season 2The Writer’s older sister: practical, diligent, and persevering. She’s been turning out well-written novels for years like a pro and is always around to critique her sister’s writing, give her tips, and help her smash writer’s block… Right?

The Captain

Captain smallA fearless leader, he boldly goes where no very small starship crew has gone before, in a quest to do something epic. While his solitaire skills are legendary, his knowledge of the ship’s many controls is not quite as prolific.

The Princess

Princess Season 2 smallVery important royalty of some kind, though she’s not entirely sure why that is. She knows that she’s a princess, likes to knit, and is somehow required to rescue the key to the universe, but she figures she’s just happy to be along for the ride… and she doesn’t realize what she’s gotten herself into.

The Computer

The ComputerThe Computer makes up for his frequent lack of limbs with his boundless knowledge, unmatched wit, and singularly impressive vocabulary. He attempts to provide logic and sanity to the crew of the starship, but he often fails as the trusty sidekick type since he can’t seem to forgive the Captain for stealing the ship from him.

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