Month of the Novel Season 2 consists of ten episodes.

Episode 1: Where No Writer Has Gone Before (written by J. Grace Pennington)

Episode 2: Just Add Epic (written by Rebekah Shafer)

Episode 3: A Whole New World (written by Aubrey Hansen)

Episode 4: The Big Red Button (written by Jenni Noordhoek and Aubrey Hansen)

Episode 5: No Friends to Help Me Now (written by Betsy Clemons)

Episode 6: The Other Story (written by Benjamin K. Smith)

Episode 7: A Jumble of Memories (written by Rebekah Shafer)

Episode 8: The Chat Room (written by Sarah Shafer)

Episode 9: The Disaster, Part 1 (written by Jordan Smith)

Episode 10: The Disaster, Part 2 (written by Jordan Smith)

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