The Trap (S1E2)

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This was actually the very last episode that we shot. It ended up taking us until the last minute to find a wall that would work for the episode. We literally scouted the location in the morning and came back to shoot in the afternoon. And then we forgot the microphone and had to send somebody back for it.

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We didn’t know who was going to play the Voice of Doom until we started shooting Laura Rozar’s (The Writer) scenes. It had been suggested that the Writer might be the Voice, but we weren’t sure if Laura would be okay with the idea. Our problem was solved when Laura asked if she could play the Voice, and we were more than happy to say yes.

There was a great moment during the final scene with Bree and the Writer where Rebekah Shafer (Bree) and Laura couldn’t get through the, “Yes, yes, yes!” portion without laughing. You’ll get to see that in the bloopers reel later.

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