Plot Prompts (S1E3)

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Half the fun with this one was reading the writing prompts Rebekah Shafer (Production designer and Bree) came up with to go in the Writer’s jar. There were crazy things in there like “Walk to the sun.” (A reference

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This is also the first episode we shot, so it involved all the craziness of trying to get into a rhythm on an outdoor shoot. We had a four-wheeler for transportation throughout the area we were shooting at, but waiting for it to start was too slow for some of us. The director and cinematographer decided to hike to location and set up ahead of the rest of the cast and crew.

That created a rather comical series of events in which the assigned driver could be found seated on the four-wheeler, frantically turning keys and pushing pedals, in a vain attempt to get it started while the rest of the crew walked past.

The filming location was right in the middle of a horse pasture. Thankfully the horses weren’t too interested in the film shoot until later in the production schedule. Of course, we had to be careful where we were walking and where we set up, but all the lovely open grassland and trees let us film multiple episodes without reusing a location. And it made some great echo effects whenever the Jester yelled.

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