The Talent Show (S1E4)

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Episode 4 is probably my (Jordan) favorite episode of the entire first season. I still laugh at almost every joke in there. “You can’t even wear socks!” seems to be a fan favorite.

The element of the Princess trying to juggle the eggs wasn’t in the script. We came up with that while rehearsing our lines and only decided to add it the afternoon before the shoot. It was a case of, “This would be hilarious! Somebody cook a few hard-boiled eggs!”

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Again, we didn’t know who would play the Voice of Doom until Laura Rozar (The Writer) asked if she could try it. We were all trying not to laugh while she was singing the Drawbridge Stomp Lullaby.

Sarah Shafer, who wrote this episode, actually wrote an excerpt from the There was actually a little portion of the novel written for this one. We ended up not using the closeup of the screen, but we thought you might like to read it.

The sun was sinking fast. Clouds brewed in the distance, warning of an impending storm.

The jester began to rummage through their food supplies. “Let’s see. We have about four days’ worth of bacon, six days’ worth of potatoes, nine days’ worth of water, and I don’t know how many of those little pudding cups.”

“Pudding cups?” The heir leaned over to look into the sack.

“Chocolate pudding cups are my favorite,” said the princess with a nod.

The heir crossed his arms. “Who brought pudding cups?”

“Oh, look.” The jester poked farther into the sack. “Here are some with vanilla and chocolate swirls.”

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