The Plot Dare (S1EB)

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Things weren’t too crazy on this episode. We had a little bit of an exciting moment when the log Rebekah Shafer (Bree) was sitting on turned out to be pretty wobbly. A declaration was made by the director that nobody was allowed to stand on the log. And then later he forgot and stood on it.

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It was also a challenge to make the framing work on this one. We had three characters standing and one character sitting, making it difficult to get everyone in. What ended up working was to treat the two groups (characters and Bree) as two separate entities. As long as none of the lunch baskets and extra crew snuck into the background, it worked well.

By the time we filmed this episode, we were running out of handy, distinctive locations to use. For this one we saddled up the old four-wheeler and plunged into the depths of the woods behind the pastures—after being warned to make lots of noise as we went because it was hunting season. (This was a tremendous “comfort” for the assistant director responsible for everyone’s safety.)

Fortunately there were no casualties, despite the occasional yellow jacket, and the snake that reportedly ran for cover as we left triumphantly left the filming site.

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