Cast/Crew Interview: Laura Rozar

This month, we talk with Laura Rozar, who stars in Month of the Novel as the Writer.

Month of the Novel: What’s your role in Month of the Novel?

Laura Rozar: I play the Writer and the Voice of Doom.

MotN: From what you’ve seen of the scripts, what do you like about Season 2?

LR: There’s more character building, diversity between episodes, and it’s much longer than Season 1! The whole project came up a few levels.

MotN: Do you have a favorite episode from Season 1?

LR: The Trap wins for me. I was super happy to play the Voice of Doom, introduced in this episode, I love the Heir’s line, “It’s just a wall!”, and the “Yes, yes, yes!” scene between Bree and my character.

MotN: How about a favorite character from Season 1? Is your favorite the same this season, or have your loyalties changed?

LR: The Voice of Doom.

MotN: Now, of course, Month of the Novel isn’t the only thing you do. What else are you up to?

LR: I’m in the beginning stages of pursuing acting and modeling, while working a regular job, and taking some portrait commissions on the side.

MotN: Season 2 is going to be sci-fi themed. What do you like about the science fiction genre? Do you have a favorite sci-fi book or movie?

LR: Firefly, Doctor Who, and Dollhouse are a few of my absolute favorite shows. I haven’t read many books in the genre.

MotN: Have you ever done NaNoWriMo yourself? What was your experience with it?

LR: Haha, I attempted NaNo twice. The first time, I got busy and didn’t care enough to continue. The second time, I had a lot of intense stuff happen in November and just couldn’t do it. Maybe another year!

MotN: Just for fun, do you have a favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

LR: Bacon wins. This doesn’t need an explanation.

MotN: Is there something positively unique about you that you could tell us?

LR: I’m always on time, sometimes to the point of being 10 minutes early, and I like to make sure that my last bite of food is the tastiest. For example, I’ll eat my way around the outside of sandwiches and hamburgers, working in toward the middle, to make sure that the last bite has some of everything in it.

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