Cast/Crew Interview: Betsy Clemons

Let’s welcome writer Betsy Clemons to the blog for another cast/crew interview!

Month of the Novel: What’s your role in Month of the Novel?

Betsy Clemons: I am the writer for episode 5.

MotN: From what you’ve seen of the scripts, what do you like about Season 2?

BC: I like how all the scripts are more connected this year. Also, the episodes have been lengthened so we get a chance to create a more complicated plot.

MotN: Do you have a favorite episode from Season 1? If you had to pick based on the scripts, which episode of Season 2 do you think will be your new favorite? (You can pick your own.) Continue reading

Lights, More Lights, and Even More Lights

All good spaceships need lights, and the one that’s going to figure big in Month of the Novel Season 2 is no exception. Here’s a look at the lights that we’re playing with to get ready for the shoot.

Looking pretty cool, don’t you think? We’re planning to begin shooting on March 1, but our Indiegogo funding project has only a week left. There’s still time to contribute and be a part of Season 2!


Sewing and costume creation has been happening at a rapid pace! Here are some teasers of the costumes. Maybe you can match them up to the concept art that we posted earlier.

We’re down to the last nine days on our Indiegogo fundraiser!

Production Design Elements

Here’s a peek at some of the real-world objects that Rebekah Shafer, our production designer, is working with to create the costumes and props that we’ll be using for Month of the Novel Season 2.


If that wasn’t cool enough, we’re at $240 on our Indiegogo project! That’s nearly halfway to our funding goal of $500. There are still 14 days left to help us fund Season 2, so please help us spread the word!

Visual Effects Sneak Peek

One of the big new things about Month of the Novel Season 2 is that due to the science fiction theme, we are amping up the visual effects. Our VFX supervisor, Ben Smith, is working on tests right now, and we wanted to share this one with you.

The first image is Ben’s concept art for a space frigate that appears in Episode 8. The second image is an early test render. When I asked Ben for details on the render, he told me it’s mainly a lighting test, and that he’s still working on the textures and model. Continue reading