50,000 words. 30 days. But what do the characters think?

What happens inside the book when word-count boosting tricks go too far? Month of the Novel is a hilarious web series inspired by NaNoWriMo.

There are sixteen hilarious episodes on YouTube! Season 1 follows the adventures of the Writer as she races to complete a 50,000-word fantasy novel. Then in Season 2, the Writer returns with an ambitious 100,000-word goal and an epic science fiction story. Pick an episode below!

Praise for Month of the Novel:

“I LOVE this. I use the new videos as motivators each time I’m writing, like after I got my first 10k day I watched episode three.” ~Holly H.

“I love the way it illustrates the writing process. It’s so metatextual! Brilliant!” ~Souledout4Himalone

“NaNo-inspired web series? Yes, please!” ~rvalz

“These episodes are really well done! Keep them up, they’re perfect to watch when taking a writing break, haha!” ~oppugnos

“Thank you for such an incredible series! SUCH FUN. Can’t wait to get my DVD in the mail.” ~Mangy Cat

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