Meet the Actors

Laura Rozar The Writer: Laura is a portrait artist, poet, candy-enthusiast, and actress. She’s been known to shriek, feel chills, cry, and hit the couch… when something terrible happens in one of her favorite TV shows or movies. @LRozar

Rebekah Shafer Bree: Rebekah is a production design/world building nut. She loves working with fantasy and science fiction genres, the more complex the better. Her passion for creative details laps over into writing fiction and a wide variety of crafts. More often than not, that same passion gets her into more trouble than she bargained for, but somehow she just can’t stop. @MaidenYarn

Ben Smith The Long-lost Heir: Writer, actor, CGI artist, and avid book reader. Ben won’t eat carrots and is prone to randomly hopping around on one foot. @BenCreating

Sarah Shafer The Princess: Sarah Shafer isn’t a llama or a balloon or a groundhog. She is actually a writer. While she’s been writing fiction and such for years, Month of the Novel Season 1 was her first official screenwriting experience and she is now happy to be back on board for Season 2. She enjoys other story-related things, like reading books and watching movies. She also enjoys non-story-related things, like photography, music, peanut butter, and cool hats.

Jordan Smith The Jester: Jordan has created a myriad of films and videos. He enjoys almost every aspect of filmmaking and loves getting involved in the details. When he’s not making movies, he’s usually devouring books or spicy food, one literally, the other figuratively. He is the author of Finding the Core of Your Story. @Malfhok