Meet the Writers

Betsy Clemons Seasons 1 & 2: “Once upon a time…” Those were the words Betsy Clemons used to begin her first short story and what sent her on a journey to becoming a writer. Although her primary focus at first was short stories, she quickly became interested in writing for theater after a local group asked her to write plays for them. This inspired her to peruse other forms of writing, such as novels, educational material, and screenplays. Today, Betsy writes for people all over the United States, with her main focus and expertise being on screenplays.

Katie Lynn Daniels Season 1: Katie is a writer of many talents, constantly branching out into new fields and genres. She primarily writes novels and short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres, along with an assortment of hilarious and sentimental poetry. When she’s not writing she’s acting, directing, singing, playing her Celtic harp or songwriting, often engaging in more than one at a time. She lives in the beautiful hills of Kentucky with her parents and eight siblings. @danielskatie

Aubrey Hansen Season 2: Aubrey Hansen is an energetic screenwriter and author, typing merrily on a laptop decorated with Toy Story stickers. When she’s not writing, she’s watching movies, tweeting, or moderating She is a homeschool graduate and hails from Wisconsin. @Aubrey_Hansen

Jenni Noordhoek Season 2: Jenni is an aspiring filmmaker. Her main interest is in screenwriting, but she would like to work hands-on a film set. Her preferred method of story consumption is in serial television format, but she also eats five short stories and one movie a week in addition to at least one novel a fortnight.

J. Grace Pennington Seasons 1 & 2: J. Grace Pennington is a homeschool graduate and a prolific writer, authoring novels, articles, film and book reviews, and screenplays. When she’s not writing you can usually find her working and playing with her family of eleven. Her greatest desire is to give glory to God with her writing. @jgracetheauthor

Rebekah Shafer Seasons 1 & 2: Rebekah is a production design/world building nut. She loves working with fantasy and science fiction genres, the more complex the better. Her passion for creative details laps over into writing fiction and a wide variety of crafts. More often than not, that same passion gets her into more trouble than she bargained for, but somehow she just can’t stop. @MaidenYarn

Sarah Shafer Seasons 1 & 2: Sarah Shafer isn’t a llama or a balloon or a groundhog. She is actually a writer. While she’s been writing fiction and such for years, Month of the Novel Season 1 was her first official screenwriting experience and she is now happy to be back on board for Season 2. She enjoys other story-related things, like reading books and watching movies. She also enjoys non-story-related things, like photography, music, peanut butter, and cool hats.

Ben Smith Season 2: Writer, actor, CGI artist, and avid book reader. Ben won’t eat carrots and is prone to randomly hopping around on one foot. @BenCreating

Jordan Smith Seasons 1 & 2: Jordan has created a myriad of films and videos. He enjoys almost every aspect of filmmaking and loves getting involved in the details. When he’s not making movies, he’s usually devouring books or spicy food, one literally, the other figuratively. He is the author of Finding the Core of Your Story. @Malfhok

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