Cast/Crew Interview: Ben Smith

It’s time for another in our cast/crew interview series. This time, we’ve caught up with Ben Smith to find out more about his role in the show.

Month of the Novel: What’s your role in Month of the Novel?

Ben Smith: I’m writing Episode 6, heading up the visual effects, and playing one of the characters.

MotN: From what you’ve seen of the scripts, what do you like about Season 2?

BS: It’s longer, just as funny (if not more so!), and has a more connected storyline.

MotN: Do you have a favorite episode from Season 1? If you had to pick based on the scripts, which episode of Season 2 do you think will be your new favorite? (You can pick your own.)

BS: Probably Episode 4, The Talent Show. Season 2 has tons of great episodes, and I probably won’t know which is my favorite until after filming.

MotN: How about a favorite character from Season 1? Is your favorite the same this season, or have your loyalties changed?

BS: The Heir was my favorite in Season 1, probably because I got to play him. The Jester takes a close second. Just like with my favorite episode, I probably won’t know my favorite Season 2 character until later.

MotN: Now, of course, Month of the Novel isn’t the only thing you do. What else are you up to?

BS: I’m working on two screenplays, a novel, and probably half a dozen other projects I’ve simply forgotten about.

MotN: Season 2 is going to be sci-fi themed. What do you like about the science fiction genre? Do you have a favorite sci-fi book or movie?

BS: What’s not to like about sci-fi? I mean, where else am I going to be able to use the random bits of technological knowledge I’ve picked up? I read too many books (and watch too many movies) to really pick a favorite.

MotN: What’s your process for writing an episode of Month of the Novel? Does it differ from your process for writing other things?

BS: Usually, I like to outline my stories before I write. It keeps me on track, and prevents my stories from turning into random nonsense. With Month of the Novel I didn’t really have to worry about that, so I just started with the basic concept for the story and let it flow in the funniest direction.

MotN: What’s the hardest part about writing for Month of the Novel?

BS: Making the story the proper length. I could go on for pages writing the characters into whatever silly situation pops into my head, but I have to keep it short.

MotN: How about the best part?

BS: Same as the hardest part. Most of my first drafts are shorter than I intended, but with Month of the Novel I had to work to make every draft short enough.

MotN: Where do you draw your inspiration?

BS: I get inspiration from so many things that it’s hard to make a list, however, I would say that much of my inspiration is drawn from movies and books.

MotN: Have you ever done NaNoWriMo yourself? What was your experience with it?

BS: Nope, I’ve never attempted NaNoWriMo, however, I got my start writing with its discontinued cousin, Script Frenzy.

MotN: Just for fun, do you have a favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

BS: It’s a toss up between enchiladas and falafel.

MotN: Is there something positively unique about you that you could tell us?

BS: I love fairytales, and I keep a running list of fairytales I want to someday turn into movies or novels.

You can learn even more about Ben at his website and follow him on Twitter.

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