What We’ve Learned Since Malfhok

Over on the Phantom Moose Films blog, Jordan breaks down the differences between Malfhok from the iSundae films and the Computer from Season 2.

It was recently brought to our attention that the new Computer character in Month of the Novel Season 2 is not unlike Malfhok in appearance. You remember Malfhok, right? He was the floating head who played a pretty large role in iSundae, plus he had a cameo appearance in iSundae II. We jumped through all sorts of special effects hoops to make him work, and we pretty much ended the iSundae films vowing never to do something like that again.

And yet, here we are, about five years later, doing something like that again. What have we learned? What’s different?

You’ll want to read the full post, especially since there are some new tidbits and still frames from Season 2 included.

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