Meet the Production Crew

Jordan Smith Producer, director, and editor: Jordan has created a myriad of films and videos. He enjoys almost every aspect of filmmaking and loves getting involved in the details. When he’s not making movies, he’s usually devouring books or spicy food, one literally, the other figuratively. He is the author of Finding the Core of Your Story. @Malfhok

Aubrey Hansen Story supervisor: Aubrey Hansen is an energetic screenwriter and author, typing merrily on a laptop decorated with Toy Story stickers. When she’s not writing, she’s watching movies, tweeting, or moderating She is a homeschool graduate and hails from Wisconsin. @Aubrey_Hansen

Kendra Ness Director of photography (Season 2): Kendra wanted to become a seafaring Pirate, but her career path changed drastically when she made a silly home movie for her family in 2004. Eight years, and over twenty-five short films later, she has folded up the skull and crossbones in order to pursue the silver screen. She is the bold and intrepid captain of Patchwork Girl Productions, the name under which she produces at least two film projects per year. Her other passion is learning Mandarin Chinese, and she still wonders if she could somehow use these two unrelated skills to end up on a sailing vessel someday.

Rebekah Shafer Production designer: Rebekah is a production design/world building nut. She loves working with fantasy and science fiction genres, the more complex the better. Her passion for creative details laps over into writing fiction and a wide variety of crafts. More often than not, that same passion gets her into more trouble than she bargained for, but somehow she just can’t stop. @MaidenYarn

Ruth Shafer Unit production manager, graphics, and editor; cinematography (Season 1): Ruth is often found peering at life through a camera lens, capturing story into visual art, whether for still photography or video. She also knits, drinks tea, and sometimes talks to herself.

Benjamin Dawson Composer: Benjamin began composing when he was eight years old, and since then has been fascinated with the art of writing music. He now studies composition with Dr. Maria Niederberger at East Tennessee State University, and stays busy scoring films, as well as writing choral and instrumental pieces for live performance. Benjamin lives in Southwest Virginia with his family and his three dogs, Fanny Mendelssohn, Claire de Lune, and Johannes Brahms. @composerbdawson

Ben Smith Visual effects supervisor: Writer, actor, CGI artist, and avid book reader. Ben won’t eat carrots and is prone to randomly hopping around on one foot. @BenCreating

Jack Mertens Visual effects: Jack’s home is surrounded by pine trees and situated in a rural area of Louisiana, where he lives a life that is both surprising and amusing (to him, that is). Jack enjoys writing and is a regular contributor to the blog Thousand Mile Walk. In addition, he has made several short films with the help of loyal friends and a patient family, and in his spare time he likes to do film-related work, watch TV shows, read books, play guitar, and write stories.

Nathan Paine Visual effects: Nathan is a Junior in high school and is homeschooled. He got into filmmaking after volunteering at a local TV station and bought myself a laptop and the Adobe Production Premium Suite. Since then I have made several sci-fi fanfilms with my friends. Outside of making film, I enjoy watching good film, reading, singing in my church’s youth choir, and learning new accents… Scottish eludes me still…

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