Playing Catch Up

Hello, everyone. It’s been crazy busy around here, but we thought we’d take some time and catch you up on what’s been going on.

The last few days before the second half of the film crew showed up on March 1st were downright crazy. Two or three days took the spaceship bridge set from this:

Rebekah builds the set

To this:

Finished set

Then our electric crew came in and added lots of internal lights and snazzy blinking abilities, and the set’s coolness factor rose about ten notches.

It took herculean effort, God’s grace, and lots of people to make it all pull together. In fact, we only just finished putting in the last lights when our guests arrived for the first day of shooting. (But more on that later.)

The last day of February we got down to brass tacks and started shooting some test footage. Our primary concerns were the height of the set, and whether the room we were shooting in would have too much audio echoing.

So far neither of these have been much of a problem! Granted, the height of some of the actors has limited certain camera motions, but we’re rolling with the punches.

Blocking a shot

And, to add to the fun of this project, we have a Kendra Ness from PatchworkGirl Productions joining us as cinematographer on this project. She and Ruth are working tandem to achieve some pretty amazing results.

Checking out the camera

We’ve been steadily filming away for the last several days, and we’ll get some fun sneak peeks up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these behind the scenes shots.

Jordan and Sarah in the set

Rebekah strings lights
Make-up test
Hair test

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